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Milton sterilising tablets and other solutions are the tried and tested way to protect against harmful germs. Milton products have been used in hospitals and homes for generations to sterilise surfaces and rid them from germs, such as E.Coli and S. Aureus.

There is no boiling or steaming required and therefore no risk of burns. Milton sterilising range has been clinically proven to be non-toxic and safe to use.

Our Product Range

Milton Sterilising Unit

A convenient sterilising unit for mothers. Used for sterilising breast-feeding equipment and all baby feeding utensils.

  • Kills germs
  • Large size for spacious use
  • Easy to clean

Milton Tablets

A no mess, lightweight sterilisation solution, great for travelling moms. Just pop a tablet into cold water!

  • Baby equipment safe
  • Easy to use
  • Kills germs

Milton Sterilising Fluid

The original sterilising fluid. Dilute with cold
water and solution sterilises utensils in just
30 minutes. Available in 500 ml &1 litre bottles.

  • Sterilises
  • Kills Thrush
  • Disinfects Toys

For the travelling parent

Keep your child safe by ensuring top quality hygiene not only continues at home but also while travelling.

Milton brings you an entire product range, specifically designed for the parent on the go.

No need to sacrifice on your child’s hygiene.

On the Go

Convenient Sterilising Surface Spray

A multi-purpose sterlising surface spray especially formulated for babies.

  • Convenience: no mixing or diluting required
  • Kills 99,9% of germs
  • Available in 500ml trigger spray bottle

Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets

  • Specifically developed for use with the Milton Soother Steriliser
  • Destroys bacteria and fungi in 15 minutes
  • Effective on viruses & easy to use
  • Available in packs of 50
  • Allows items to be kept in solution for 15 min.
  • No rinsing of items required after removal

Milton Mini Soother Steriliser

The quick and safe way to make sure a dropped dummy is 100% sterile on demand – so smart so essential.

  • Stays sterile for up to 24 hours
  • Cold sterilisation in just 15 minutes with mini tablets 50’s
  • Cleans & sterilises on the go
  • Fits dummies up to 18 months of age

Milton Solo Travel Steriliser

The quick and safe way to make sure baby’s essentials are always 100% sterile – and stay that way for 24 hours.

  • Unique venting technology
  • Dual-use cold water or microwave sterilisation in just 2 minutes
  • For single bottle – ideal for travelling

Milton Combi Microwave Steriliser

The quick and safe way to make sure baby’s essentials are always 100% sterile – and stay that way for 24 hours.

  • Unique venting technology
  • Dual-use cold water or microwave sterilisation in just 2 minutes
  • Takes 5 bottles, perfect for at-home use

The Importance of Sterilisation

Until a baby’s first birthday, they are extremely vulnerable to infections because of their significantly weaker immune system. By their first birthday, they would only have acquired 15 – 17% of their natural anti-bodies called immunoglobulins. It is your duty as a loving parent to protect them always, but more importantly during the critical first 12 months of their lives.

Some of these risks include development of mild thrush, but a huge concern is the onset of vomiting and diarrhoea, which can be caused by Rotavirus and even E.Coli. Campylobacter is a virus that can also be picked up from cats and dogs. Anything that is going, or might potentially go into your baby’s mouth, needs to be sterilised!

Milk is also the perfect environment in which bacteria can grow. This makes a baby’s feeding equipment especially risky!

However, do not fear!

To keep your baby safe the following items should be sterilised:

  • Baby feeding bottles and dummies
  • Breast pump parts
  • Breastfeeding accessories: nipple shields, breast shell
  • Soothers
  • Storage containers for breast milk
  • Weaning items: plastic bowls, plates, spoons
  • Teething items
  • Small plastic toys
  • Any other item your baby might put in their mouth

Milton can be used to disinfect the following:

  • Kitchen sponges and scourers.
  • Toothbrushes.
  • Non-metallic jars, bottles and storage containers.
  • Chopping boards
  • Non-metallic cupboards, work surfaces, shelves, cookers, fridges and freezers by wiping with made-up solution.
  • Remove stains from cups.
  • Kitchen utensils and crockery.

Sterilisation Made Easy, by Milton