4 Tips for Mums on The Go

4 Tips for Mums on The Go

Traveling with baby in tow can be fun, but also quite challenging. Mums (and dads) will know the level of preparation required to make a successful trip outside the house with little one. When traveling, whether a short distance or longer, there are things to prepare to keep baby or little one occupied or entertained, keeping the trip easy, efficient and enjoyable.

1. Be sure to be car safe

Children under 3 are legally required to be strapped in a car seat

Car safety is critical when getting from one place to the next, so make sure your little one is safely strapped in, either in a rear facing seat from 0 to 6 months, and then in a safely fitted forward facing seat thereafter. Children older than 3 years old are not legally required to be seated in a car seat, but if you secure them in a booster seat with their seat belt on, that is in their best interest.

2. Healthy snacks make for happy kids

Although it may be tempting to buy a packet of crisps or a small chocolate, save these for treat times. A healthy snack, such as a packed sandwich or a banana make for less hyperactive kids in the car or on a shopping excursionSoother-Steriliser_Post

3. Sterile on the go!

Keep a Milton Tabs, and the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser in your Nappy bag

Soothers are wonderful to pacify babies or toddlers, as the sucking reflex gives them enormous comfort. Any mum will know these often, however fall onto a dirty floor and may pick up unseen germs. The Milton Mini Soother Steriliser is quick and safe way to make sure a dropped dummy is 100% sterile on demand – so smart so essential. Your soother is sterilised in 15 minutes while on the go!

4. Play Games and sing songs in the car

Games like eye spy are wonderful for toddlers and small children who are discovering their world and want to use words to eagerly describe what they see. Song, whether you sing them, on played on a CD or MP3 will provide much needed fun and laughter and participation on a slightly longer trip or when stuck in traffic.