Our Promise to You

Milton has helped generations of mums care for their babies since 1916. With our proud heritage and commitment to the very highest manufacturing standards, the Milton method of sterilisation has been trusted in homes and hospitals for over 90 years as the safe and effective way to protect babies from disease-producing germs in their most vulnerable early years.

As well as our Antibacterial Tablets and Solution, Milton has, in close consultation with mums, expanded our range to give you a bigger choice of products that help you protect, heal and care for your baby.


 Our History

Milton was named after the poet, John Milton (1608-1674), as Milton was first manufactured in the house where the poet wrote “Paradise Lost”, an epic poem that is considered to be one of the greatest literary works in English. Milton was first manufactured in 1916 for use in the First World War as a personal disinfectant.After the war, Milton became commonly used as a disinfectant, a food preservative and used in surgical procedures in hospitals.

In the late 1940s, Milton developed the Milton Method for sterilising baby equipment, which was a much easier and safer way of sterilisation than the conventional boiling method.

This greatly reduced gastroenteritis cases in babies, and over the decades has saved countless babies’ lives.
Needing only cold water, Milton has been particularly beneficial in Africa, where hot water is not always readily available. With over 90 years of extensive use, Milton has been proven to be easy, convenient, but most of all, highly effective and reliable. Today, the Milton Method remains a superior sterilisation method and is still widely used in homes and hospitals.




How to Use Milton

The Milton Method, using either Milton Solution or Milton Anti-bacterial Tablets, is easy, safe and effective.

Milton Sterilising Fluid

To sterilise items (bottles, teats, breast-pumps etc.) simply follow the 3 steps below.


The Milton Sterilisation Method has been trusted for almost 100 years, due to its reliable effectiveness and ease. Cold water sterilisation offers a wide range of advantages over heat sterilisation.

 Milton Sterilising Tablet

To sterilise items (bottles, teats, breast-pumps etc.) simply follow the 3 steps below.

  1. Fill the bucket with 4L of Cold Water
  2. Add 1 Tablet for every 2L of Water
  3. Make a solution every 24hours

Why is the Milton Method superior?

  • Quick and Easy: you can use the same solution for up to 24 hours
  • Uses cold water, so there’s no risk of scalding and your items last longer
  • Safe for babies: no need to rinse, specially formulated for baby usage
  • Effective: kills 99.9% of germs, hospital grade sterilisation
  • Convenient: ideal for travel
  • Trusted: used by mothers for generations

Milton effectively disinfects and sanitises breast expression equipment, bottles, teats, feeding utensils, dummies, toys, surfaces and many other plastic household items. Click here for other handy Milton Sterilisation ideas around the home.

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Where to find Milton in Store

Milton made sure that every mom can find us in any of the big retail stores in South Africa.