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How to use Milton

Multi functional uses of Milton Products

  • Soak fruit and vegetables in diluted Milton solution for 30 minutes to destroy bacteria
  • Use Milton solution as the ideal sterilising wipe-down for kitchen surfaces
  • Use it to safely clean pet cages, food & drinking bowls so that they sparkle
  • Add a few drops on Milton fluid in a vase along with your fresh cut flowers to help them retain their freshness
  • Ideal to use as a water purifier – especially when travelling in faraway places
  • Use to sterilise all plastic toys for teething babies and pets
  • Use Milton solution to sterilise old equipment, especially ones that come into close contact with the body, like masks or mouth pieces
  • Use a slightly more concentrated Milton solution as a pre-wash to soak washable nappies or children’s clothes, and then run through a washing machine cycle; stains should be lifted without a problem
  • Use Milton to remove mould stains on old clothes, prams and upholstery. “Paint” it on the problem areas with a paintbrush and run the fabric through the washing machine (test for colour fastness on the inside first!)
  • Milton has a slight bleaching property, so be careful not to get it on clothes and upholstery
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