Keep your baby safe and healthy by knowing the facts about Rotavirus.

What is Rotavirus?

This is a virus causing severe diarrhea in babies and young children – between 6 months and 2 years of age.

 How is Rotavirus spread?

This virus is spread when food and water contaminated with the rotavirus is consumed. Also spread by contact with surfaces and toys contaminated with Rotavirus faces.

 What are the symptoms of Rotavirus?

Vomiting and a low- grade fever, followed by severe diarrhea. The baby may have as many as 8-10 loose stools per hour and this can quickly lead to dehydration.

 How long after exposure to the virus does the child become ill?

1-4 days after exposure.

 How long is the baby/child ill with Rotavirus infection?

Vomiting usually stops after 2 days. Diarrhea may last for a week.

 How long can an infected child spread the Rotavirus?

The Rotavirus is carried in the stool for approximately 10 days.

How can the spread of Rotavirus be controlled?

  • Hand washing is very important in controlling the spread of ALL disease-causing germs
  • Wash hands before: – food preparation, preparing of baby feeds and handling of feeding equipment.
  • Washing hands after :- going to the toilet, changing of nappies
  • Remember to wash your baby or toddler’s hands often throughout the day – babies and children are curious and touch everything in exploration.
  • Wash all surfaces with a solution of 40 ml Milton in 1 litre of cold water and use a spray bottle for this solution, or use Milton Sterising Surface Spray.
  • Surfaces needing vigilant washing down with a Milton solution:
    • nappy changing tables
    • baby baths
    • plastic and rubber toys
    • cots
    • playpens
    • prams
    • feeding chairs
    • potties
  • Wash out dustbins with a solution of 60 ml Milton in 1 liter of water, or use Milton Sterising Surface Spray.
  • Do not forget to soak face cloths in a Milton solution – 40 ml Milton to 1liter of water.
  • Dispose of soiled nappies by placing in a double bag.