Keep your baby safe and healthy by knowing the facts about Thrush.


What is Thrush?

Thrush is an opportunistic fungal infection that occurs under certain conditions in young babies, who have a very low resistance and an immature immune system. Infections such as ear infection/throat infection/chest infection or childhood ailments such as chicken pox and fever are all known to lower baby’s immunity. Antibiotic and cortisone is often prescribed when baby has an infection, both of which lower the immune system significantly, often resulting in thrush. Thrush can also be contracted through poor hygiene during breast feeding, or from bottles and feeding equipment that have not been properly cleaned

Milton kills Thrush

This fact has been scientifically proven through microbiology tests carried out by the SABS/NRCS, organisations that comply with stringent quality and safety standards. It thus is an ABSOLUTELY, UNSUBSTANTIATED and UNINFORMED MYTH that Milton causes thrush

Tips to prevent Thrush

Use the Milton Sterilising Method to:

  • Thoroughly clean breast pumps if expressing breast milk
  • Never put expressed milk into anything that hasn’t been sterilised
  • If you are storing breast milk in the freezer, allocate a shelf and clean it with thoroughly with a diluted solution of Milton or Milton Sterilising Surface Spray
  • If bottle feeding wash and sterilise bottle, teats and lids using the Milton method
  • Sterilise other equipment such as dummies and teethers as well as all bibs, towels and cloths
  • Wipe baby’s changing mat everyday with a Milton solution or Milton Sterilising Surface Spray